PAT Trainer

Application Process


Submission deadline: Friday, July 27, 2018


Submit the following via email:

  • Letter of interest
  • Resume
  • Completed application form
  • Two letters of recommendations, including one from a PAT parent educator


Email the above to Karen Shanoski, Pennsylvania Parents as Teachers state office director.


If you are selected, you will need to submit the following current clearances:

  • Act 151 (child abuse)
  • Act 34 (criminal record)
  • Act 114 (FBI fingerprint)


Visit the CSIU Applying for Clearances web page for instructions on obtaining clearances.


Request an application form.



Requirements and Selection Process


Pennsylvania Parents as Teachers Trainer Candidates

  • Meet the Pennsylvania and National Trainer/Facilitator selection criteria and qualifying process.
  • Complete the Trainer Candidate accreditation process to become a PAT Accredited Trainer.
  • Complete one year of mentoring as a PAT Trainer.
  • Attend annual Trainer’s meeting.
  • Submit professional development goals and participate in professional development annually.
  • Complete/teach a minimum of four courses (of which the trainer is accredited) annually. This is regardless of the type of training.
  • Participate in or listen to 100% of the monthly trainer calls.
  • Renew accreditation annually; including evaluation at a minimum of every 3 years.
  • Contract with the Center for Schools and Communities or PAT national center to conduct training. (PAT training courses may not be offered independently.)
  • PA PAT state office will pay a daily rate for courses taught and reimburse for overnight and travel expenses as outlined in the contract.


Selection Criteria and Qualifying Process for Trainer Candidates (TC)

The criteria for applicant consideration includes the following:


  • Hold a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, Social Work, Family Support or a related field. Exceptions to be approved by National Office Director of Training and other leadership as warranted.
  • Subject matter expertise and experience; active involvement in Parents as Teachers at a local, state, national or international level preferred. Two years PAT home visiting experience is required for FMI trainers.
  • Have had successful experience in training and/or mentoring other professionals.
  • Demonstrate a level of competency in the National Trainer Core Competencies.
  • Have current (less than one year old) Act 151 (child abuse) and Act 34 (criminal record) and Act 114 (FBI fingerprint) clearances. For instructions on obtaining clearances visit the CSIU Applying for Clearances web page.


The Applicant Will Successfully Meet the Qualifying Process

  • Submit to the Parents as Teachers Pennsylvania State Office a current resume and two letters of recommendation.
  • PA PAT will interview candidates and submit selected PA candidates to National Office.
  • If selected by PA PAT you will Interview with national office staff (could be Skype).


Successfully Complete All Steps of the National Trainer/Facilitator Certification Process Upon Selection

  • Submit a 30-minute video clip of a current, solo presentation. Videotaping may be paused when groups are working together for an extended period of time (group processing time is not considered part of the presentation time.) The videotape must resume when the trainer begins to debrief the activity or answer questions.
    • Complete Module 4 Self-Assessment.
    • Complete the Trainer Candidate Reflection Document.


  • FMI & F2 – Submit a video of a complete personal visit including a child in the age group the training supports. The visit will use Foundational Plan 4 and includes submission of the Personal Visit Planning Guide and the Personal Visit Record. The visit does not have to be actual enrolled parent. If it is an enrolled parent please maintain confidentiality on the forms and have the parent sign a release for this process.
    • Complete the Demonstration Visit Checklist.
    • Complete the Trainer Candidate Reflection document.


Certification Process for National Trainers/Facilitators

  • Take part in the specific course for which Trainer Certification is being sought, as a participant.


  • Fulfill requirements of First Training Experience (level 1). Observe and assist with an entire training. This training experience will occur at the national office. Responsibilities will include:
    • Prepare and present one-fourth of the training in consultation with national office training staff.
    • Assist in mechanics of training, including:
      • Registration
      • Maintenance of the training attendance records
      • Grading of competency-based assessment
    • Note, in writing, for future reference the content of sessions, variety of teaching and active learning techniques, responses to participants’ questions and concerns.
    • Participate with a Trainer Development Specialist in the reflection and review of each training piece presented.


The Trainer Development Specialist will evaluate each session and a written report will be completed on the strengths and suggestions for the trainee. Copies of the review will be sent to the national office and state sponsoring agency.


The level of success in first training experience will determine the next level of involvement. Review of the trainee’s performance may indicate the trainee is not yet ready to co-deliver the training on his/her own. Therefore, this level of trainer development may need to be repeated.


  • Fulfill requirements of Second Training Experience (level 2). Assume increased responsibility for the training. (For a training team, this will occur within the trainee’s own state.)
    • Demonstrate knowledge of registration and attendance procedures.
    • Prepare and present one-half of the training in consultation with the Trainer Development Specialist. Assume the role of the parent educator in the demonstration personal visit.
    • Assume joint responsibility for the mechanics of the training.
    • Participate with a Trainer Development Specialist in the reflection and review of each training piece presented.


Upon successful completion of at least two training experiences, the new trainer will be recognized as a Parents as Teachers National Trainer, receive a badge and certificate that is renewable every three years.


Renewal of certification is contingent upon satisfactory performance as a Parents as Teachers National Trainer, as evaluated by national office training staff, and assurance that the Essential Requirements for National Trainer are being met.