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Current Available Courses

To register for the courses that meet your needs, please click the appropriate links below.

Parallel FMI / FND, June 3, 2024, 9:00 AM ET

Trainers: Name Name, Name Name

Pennsylvania FMI Private Registration Link

Pennsylvania FND Private Registration Link

Foundational 2 (F2), June 24, 2024, 9:00 AM ET

Trainers: Name Name

Pennsylvania F2 Private Registration Link

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For more information on the courses, please check out the Parents as Teachers Courses section below.

Parents as Teachers Courses

The Pennsylvania PAT State Office maintains a qualified, experienced state training team in collaboration with the National Parents as Teachers Center. The state office organizes the offering of PAT core model and curricula courses for parent educators, home visitors, and supervisors in PAT Model Affiliate and PAT Curriculum Partners and Subscriber programs.

The courses offered by the Pennsylvania PAT State Office are listed above. These links are for Pennsylvania programs until two weeks before the class. When you select a Pennsylvania-instructed course, the PAT State office receives a small portion of the registration fee, supporting our capacity to offer professional learning and implementation support to Pennsylvania PAT programs.

Individuals must complete the required courses, described below, to be certified to use the PAT curricula and/or implement the PAT Model to serve families. These courses provide PAT professionals with the knowledge and skills to effectively acknowledge the parents as their child’s first and most important teacher, see the strengths of the families they serve, and build on resources available to meet their needs. The courses address the developmental growth of the child; provide strengths-based approaches to build Strengthening Families™ Protective Factors; depict parenting practices that support healthy child development; encourage cultural sensitivity; and address equitable practices among parent educators and home visitors.

All courses are live and conducted virtually using Zoom. Attendance at all sessions and completion of assignments is required. Each course has an expected number of in-class hours and additional hours to complete assignments


Virtual Foundational and Model Implementation Training

$1,250 + $75* = $1,325

  • May enroll in Foundational course (Curriculum Partner and Subscriber staff)
  • Must take the full course (Parents as Teachers affiliate program staff)

Virtual Foundational Course

$1,100 + $50* = $1,150

*PATNC Virtual Course Technology Fee


  • Enrollment for courses is limited to 20 people. Registration opens to non-Pennsylvania residents three weeks before the first day of the course. The course will close when full or no later than one week before the first day of the course.
  • Before clicking on one of the registration links above, anyone new to the PAT system must create a user profile by selecting the “Sign Up” button on the Parents as Teachers eBusiness portal.
  • Once the profile is set up, the Company Admin will connect the new person to the program by going to O.L.I.V.E.R. > COMPANY ADMIN > EMPLOYEES, scroll down to the bottom of the page, search by the new employee email address, and hit submit.
  • The staff person may now register for the desired course. To view any class details after registration, registrants must use their registration link. Registrants will not see class details in their profile by simply logging into the Parents as Teachers eBusiness system.
  • The agenda and syllabus will be sent to participants by the instructors before the start of the course, by Thursday morning the week before the start of each course.

Foundational and Model Implementation Course

Audience: Parent educators, home visitors, and supervisors of Affiliate programs.
(Required for new parent educators/home visitors and new supervisors of affiliate programs.)

This interactive 40-hour certification course includes the Foundational and the Model Implementation through live, online sessions and work completed by participants in between scheduled classes.

  • Designed for PAT Affiliate staff who will use the PAT Model with the Foundational Curriculum to support families from the prenatal period to the child’s third birthday.
  • Discover strategies to help fully understand ways to bring high quality PAT services to life and implement these services with fidelity to the evidence-based PAT Model.
  • Learn the PAT approach and demonstrate a basic level of competency in navigation and utilization of the online PAT Foundational Curriculum and Model Implementation web-based resource materials.

Participants who successfully complete both parts of this course become certified to use the PAT foundational curricula and implement the PAT model in affiliate programs.

parent tickling and laughing with their baby
Young mother holding her infant and speaking to a home visitor

Foundational Course (only)

Audience: PAT Curriculum Partners and Subscribers.

This interactive course focuses on the PAT approach for those serving families from the prenatal period to the child’s third birthday, and teaches the PAT “partner, facilitate, and reflect” approach to home visitation within an early childhood system centering around three main areas:

  • Parent-Child Interaction – enhancing child development and supporting the development of positive parenting behaviors.
  • Development-Centered Parenting – understanding parents’ perspectives and facilitating parenting decisions around developmental topics.
  • Family Well-Being – recognizing the impact of the family system on child development and partnering with parents to strengthen protective factors.

Participants who successfully complete this course are approved to use the PAT Foundational Curriculum with families from the prenatal period to the child’s third birthday.

Foundational 2 Course: 3 Years through Kindergarten

Audience: Affiliate staff, PAT Curriculum Partners, and Subscribers
(Prerequisite: Foundational Course.)

This interactive course continues the focus on the PAT approach for those serving families with children ages 3 to 6. Participants will explore curriculum for families whose children are growing in independence and abilities as they approach school entry.

Topics include:

  • Approaches to learning.
  • Neuroscience.
  • Child development.
  • Developmental concerns.
  • Transitions to early care and education.
  • Family engagement.

Participants who successfully complete this course are approved to use the PAT Foundational 2 Curriculum for work with families with children aged 3 through their kindergarten year.

Father and son with shaving cream beards and laughing

The PAT Foundation and Foundation 2 curriculum are available in a digital format and are regularly updated.

The digital curriculum include handouts and activities for families, as well as resources that support knowledge and skill development for parent educators and home visitors.

Please contact Drewanne Kline for information and links to register for Pennsylvania-led courses. The PA PAT state office does not conduct the registration process.