Affiliate or Member

The Model Affiliate pathway leads to high-quality replication and strong, significant outcomes for children and families. Organizations interested in affiliation must comply with the PAT Essential Requirements. All programs complete an Affiliate Performance Report annually to ensure compliance. Organizations that implement this evidence-based pathway will receive state and national office support with successful implementation producing positive outcomes for their families. Only Model Affiliates will have access to and be part of the evaluations that qualify them for additional state and federal funding.

The Member path is for those organizations that do not meet requirements for model replication as an affiliate, or have selected another evidence-based model such as Early Head Start but want to use the robust, research-informed PAT curriculum. It is the ideal path for those organizations and individuals who want to provide high-quality child development and parenting information to families, but do not implement all four components of the PAT model.

If you are not sure which path is best for your organization, please refer to the PAT National website to read about the two options. You may also contact Karen Shanoski to help determine which path your program is best suited for your organization as you plan for training program staff.