Advocates for Children and Families

PAT advocates for children and families, championing parental leadership, and access to early childhood education services.  Home visitation services are an instrumental part of the early care and education constellation of services available to families at the community level.


At the local and state levels PAT works with other home visitation models, childcare providers, early intervention, Head Start and other services to collaborate on issues of importance, ensure seamless connections for families, and take part in advocating for high-quality early care and education services for all families.


The Parents as Teachers (PAT) state office is part of Pennsylvania’s Home Visitation Stakeholders Group and the Family Center Network. The HV Stakeholders developed the following vision for establishing a system of care that provides services to families through evidence-based home visiting models.


“A statewide system of high-quality home visiting services that will, in partnership with families and communities, strengthen, support, and promote prenatal health, family well-being and early childhood health, safety, development and education.”